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Playing Soccer


Athletics can be used very effectively to teach Christian character and discipline. The grind of practices and the pressure of competition provide great opportunities for young people to grow in their Christian life.

Keeping one’s testimony and glorifying God are primary and foremost at Trinity Baptist School.  Whether it is players, coaches, or fans, we are to participate in athletics in a manner that would give a right opinion of Christ and our Christianity.  We also want each athlete to do his best each time he compete.


God commends hard work.  During practice, hard work is a goal. This, along with good habits, will produce skills which will help us reach our goals for the sport and the season.

Unity is stressed (Eph. 4:3). Sports can be another vehicle to teach a scriptural unity.

We seek to develop a sense of good sportsmanship among our athletes and teams as well as to build a good relationship between our school and our opponents.  We are competitive but do not develop ungodly rivalries.  Self-promoting antics are not tolerated.

Realizing that one gets what he honors, TBS seeks to reward those things that God honors.  Those who grow in Christlike qualities and demonstrate discipline will be honored. The one who scores the most points will not necessarily be the one most honored. We reward positive character traits more than skill.





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