We believe that a neat, modest, and careful appearance demonstrates our identification with Christ and reinforces our testimony; it exemplifies a sensitivity to Christ's claim upon our lives.  For daily school dress we like to keep it simple with "dress casual".  For concerts and other performances we like to dress things up a bit with the clean look of black and white.  Our upper grades (7th through 12th) also get to don the black and white as they show their school spirit on game days.  We also have fun Spirit Weeks twice a year with different themes that encourage creativity without compromising our handbook.

 For more detailed information on our dress code please see page 14 of the Student Handbook.

Required Junior/Senior High Dress Uniforms (for concerts & programs)

These do not have to be purchased through Land's End.

Girl's Program Dress

We are currently switching over to new program attire.  The black concert dress will be from Formal Fashions, and measurements for fittings will be done in September 2019.  The school will place a bulk order and hem them upon arrival.  The $60 charge for this dress will be billed to the student's school account.