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Dress Code

The school uniform features black or khaki bottoms and red, white, or black tops. We hope the school uniforms, with Trinity branding on the shirts and using school colors, will promote school spirit and unity, and a readiness to learn. The uniform polo shirts, jacket, jumpers, and PE shirts must be purchased through our supplier, JoAnn’s Uniforms and Embroidery Works in Colchester, VT. 


Oxford shirts (for boys and girls), Peter Pan collared shirts (for elementary girls), v-neck, crewneck and cardigan sweaters, khaki or black pants and skirts or skorts may be purchased from other stores, but should follow the uniform guidelines given below.


All Oxford shirts or sweaters that are the top layer of clothing must have the TBS logo embroidered by JoAnn’s, so the logo is visible at all times.

Uniform Neatness and Fit

Students should dress neatly, not sloppily. Uniform shirts should be tucked in and belts should be worn with pants or skirts that have belt loops.


The uniform must fit properly throughout the entire school year.


The 2023-24 uniform shirts are red and black polos (long-sleeved or short-sleeved) purchased from JoAnn’s Uniforms. Red, black, and white polos purchased from Schoolbelles last year may still be worn, but polos purchased from other companies without logos may not be worn. JoAnn’s Uniforms will not embroider polos purchased from other stores, as the uniform tops are available through their company. Please note: the long- and short-sleeved polos appear online to be different shades of red, but they are actually the same shade of red.

Polo shirts must be long enough to be tucked in and fit loosely; only the top button may be left unbuttoned.

Solid-colored red (true red, not maroon), white, and black Oxford or Peter Pan collared shirts purchased from suppliers such as Lands’ End may be worn. JoAnn’s Uniforms can embroider the logo on the shirts. Oxford or Peter Pan shirts must be buttoned (only the top button may be unbuttoned if desired), tucked in (if worn with skirts or pants), and not reveal any undergarments.

During the winter, red, black, or white turtle-necks may be worn under a sweater or polo shirt. Long-sleeved shirts may not be worn open and unbuttoned like a sweater or jacket.

Sweaters and Jackets

Solid colored red, black, or white button up cardigans, v-neck, and crewneck cardigans may be worn. Sweaters should fall about waist or hip length. Sweaters should be embroidered with the TBS logo at JoAnn’s Uniforms.


Only the uniform fleece jacket with a logo is permitted in the classrooms. Other jackets, snow pants, sweatshirts, hoodies, vests, non-uniform long-sleeved shirts, etc should be removed upon arrival at school or after recess.

Skirts, Skorts, and Jumpers

Jumpers must be purchased from JoAnn’s Uniforms for the 2023-24 school year, but the Schoolbelles jumpers and skirts purchased for the 2022-23 school year may still be worn as long as they fit properly.


Khaki or black skirts or skorts may be worn to school. The khaki color should be similar to the color pictured. The material of the skirts or skorts should be a cotton blend or poly-rayon, similar to the skirt pictured, and the style should be A-line or pleated with enough ease on the sides for movement.

Skirts, skorts, and jumpers must fall between the top of the knee (from the front or back) and mid-calf when standing or sitting. Any slits in skirts should not rise higher than the top of the knee. Uniform skirts, skorts, and jumpers should be purchased at the correct length for our dress code and must fit correctly all school year, so please keep potential growth spurts in mind when making your purchases.

Dresses with a polo-shirt style top are not part of the school uniform.


Black or khaki flat-front or pleated chinos or dress pants may be worn to school. The pants should be loose-fitting and allow for movement. Teen girls have found that the Lands’ End dress pants typically fit well.


For 3rd-12th grade students, a belt should be worn with all pants that have belt loops.

PE Uniforms and Recreational Attire

PE T-shirts must be purchased through the uniform supplier and worn on PE days. Black athletic pants and shorts are also available through JoAnn’s Uniforms. Students may wear other black, loose-fitting athletic pants (ex. wind pants, joggers) or shorts, but the material and fit should not be revealing or sloppy, and there should be minimal lettering or designs on them. Shorts should be loose-fitting and must come to the top of the knee whether sitting or standing.


On the days that elementary students have PE class or a field trip, they may wear the PE uniform all day (unless otherwise specified).


When the school has special recreational activities, students may wear loose-fitting athletic pants or shorts (basketball shorts, for example) that come to the top of the knee. T-shirts and sweatshirts may be worn as long as they are loose-fitting, have sleeves, and do not have any offensive words or graphics on them. Leggings or any other form-fitting attire for boys and girls are not permissible for active wear. Loose-fitting jeans are only permissible when announced by the administration.

For other details about the dress code, including shoes, make up, and concert dress,
please see the school handbook. 

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