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Dress Code

Beginning this school year, we will have a school uniform that features black, khaki, or plaid (for girls) bottoms and red, white, or black tops. We hope the school uniforms, with Trinity branding on the shirts and using school colors, will promote school spirit and unity, and a readiness to learn. Uniforms are ordered directly through the supplier and all of the information can be found in this form.


Our school code is s3018

Please note that due to supply issues there are backorders on some of their products.  Miss Cary has sent an email about what to do in the meantime.  If you did not receive the email please let us know so we can get you that information as soon as possible!  Please follow the below information for the first semester of school:

1st Semester Dress Code:  

Recognizing that orders may be delayed either due to the high volume of orders or supply chain issues, we will extend the deadline for all students to be in full uniform until the start of 2nd semester (January 16, 2023). I hope that the extra time relieves some pressure and gives more time to prepare. 


You may, of course, send your child to school in their uniform as soon as it arrives, but until the end of 1st semester, the following dress code adaptations are permitted: 



  • Skirts, jumpers, or dresses that come to the top of the knee

  • Loose-fitting, long pants (not denim, athletic wear, capris, shorts, or leggings)

  • Polo shirts and button-up dress shirts, including Peter Pan style shirts for elementary girls

  • Loose-fitting, dressy knit shirts with a crew neckline (not t-shirts)

  • Sweaters (no sweatshirts or hoodies)

  • No clothing with graphics or words printed on it 

  • Other dress code guidelines in the handbook regarding tucking in and buttoning shirts and wearing tights, leggings, shoes, makeup, and jewelry are still in effect for the entire year. 


  • Long pants (not denim, athletic wear, or shorts)

  • Polo shirts and button-up dress shirts

  • Sweaters (no sweatshirts or hoodies)

  • Other dress code guidelines in the handbook regarding tucking in and buttoning shirts and wearing shoes and belts are still in effect for the entire year.

    • Please note that boys in 2nd grade and below are not required to wear a belt. Any individual exceptions can be made with approval from Miss Cary. 

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