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Fine Arts &
Academic Competition

Each year, Trinity joins with other regional Christian schools for a competition in academic and arts-related categories.


Students can choose from academic subjects like math, science, language arts, music theory, history, and Bible.  Arts categories include solo and group musical performances, preaching and teaching the Bible, drama and humor, crafting, woodworking, photography, and technology (and many more).

Work generally begins in October as the competitors select their categories and begin working on their material.  Through preparing for competition, students learn how to plan a project and manage their time while honing skills in their chosen categories.

7th - 12th grade students participate in this competition in Junior High or Senior High level depending on their age.  6th grade students may also participate at the Junior High level.

fine arts jared.jpg


fine arts leah.jpg

String Solo

Fine Arts_Shadow - Alicia Potvin - SH -

People & Animals

Fine Arts_Catherine Nicolay - SH - Peopl

People & Animals

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