Parents, did you know that you can reduce your child's tuition while doing your everyday shopping?  Scrip is a fundraising tool that doesn't ask our families and friends to buy things they don't want or need, it simply allows you and the school to benefit from the shopping you are already doing.  With Scrip fundraising, we are easily able to earn money for the school while you shop. Simply use Scrip gift cards for everyday purchases and earn a rebate on each card at no additional cost.

The rebate from each card purchase benefits the student and the school.  60% of the rebate is credited to the student's tuition.  The remaining 40% goes to the TBS General Fund.  If you don't have children at TBS or wish to support a specific child, you can support our school by having your entire rebate go to the TBS General Fund.

Here's what it looks like.  You buy a $100 gift card to Amazon.  You pay $100 and get a gift card worth $100.  Amazon gives 3% of that gift card purchase to TBS (to be divided between your student's tuition and the General Fund). The percentage rebate amount varies depending on the retailer; some give 3% and some give more.  And, if you watch the Scrip page, sometimes retailers will do a one-day-only special where they rebate more than normal.

There are hundreds of retailers participating with the Scrip program.  Check out this list!

  • It is convenient. Order Scrip at your convenience from anywhere with internet or visit the school to get cards for Hannaford, Shaw's, and a few others that we keep on hand.

  • Immediate Delivery. Order and print ScripNow® eCards right from your ShopWithScrip account, and reload funds onto gift cards you already own.

  • PrestoPay™. You can pay for your order instantly by electronic debit eliminating the need to cut a check and deliver it to the school.  There is a $.15 fee (yes, fifteen cents) for PrestoPay purchases, but it's one fee no matter how much or little you order.

Create your free ShopWithScrip account in just a few easy steps. It takes about three minutes (if you're a slow typist) to complete the registration process.

Here's what you do:

  1. Visit Scrip at

  2. Click on the green Family Sign Up button and complete the web form.

  3. Set up your security questions.

  4. Enter the enrollment code.  Trinity's enrollment code is available by contacting Jennifer Anair.

  5. Click the Join button.

  6. Start shopping.*

*If you would like to use the PrestoPay™ option, you will need to connect a bank account to your Scrip account.  This process can take up to three days, so plan ahead.

Thank you for your support.