Secondary Classes

For children going into 7th grade up through 12th grade we invite you to view a selection of recordings from some of our teachers' online classes.

Algebra II

Miss Ann Cannon

Algebra 2 (Clip)

Grade 11



Mrs. Lynn Smith

English (Clip)

Grade 9th & 10th


U.S. History

Pastor Rob McIlwaine

U.S. History (Clip)

Grade 11

Current Events (Clip)

Grade 11


World Studies

Mrs. Teena Van Zyl

World Studies (Clip)

Grades 7th & 8th



Mrs. Rhonda Gotcher

Accounting (Clip)

Grade 11


Anatomy & Physiology

Miss Ann Cannon

Anatomy & Physiology (Clip)

Grade 11


Algebra I

Mr. Paul Dame

Algebra 1 (Clip)

Grades 9 & 10