Graduation Requirements

The minimum requirements for graduation from TBS are:

4 credits.......Bible
4 credits.......English
4 credits.......Social Studies
3 credits.......Science
3 credits........Math
2 credits.......Foreign Language
½ credit........Speech
½ credit........Computer Applications
3 credits.......Electives
24 credits.....Total for Graduation

All juniors must have permission from the administration before being designated a senior.

Graduation Policy

TBS offers a four-year high school program and requires that students attend all four years.  Exceptions may be made for transfer students who have their transcripts evaluated against TBS requirements and approved by the school board.

TBS students may transfer in three additional credits for high school graduation from Rosetta Stone or BJU Press course. No more than one credit per discipline will be accepted towards graduation requirements.

Juniors and Seniors at Trinity Baptist School may choose to take “Dual Enrollment Courses” from approved sources. Dual Enrollment Courses allow the students to complete high school credit requirements while beginning to accrue credits for college. All courses must be approved by the Trinity Baptist School Board before the actual work begins on a course in order for the student to receive proper credit on the high school transcript. It is the position of the TBS administration that students should first look for Dual Enrollment Classes at Christian colleges and universities to ensure that the doctrinal and philosophical positions of the classes to be taken are in line with position of TBS.


On the years that a senior trip to the Wilds Christian Camp and Conference Center in North Carolina is scheduled, all seniors are required to attend.  


The ACT Assessment is also required for graduation.

Seniors who have not recently moved to the area must complete at least twelve credits at Trinity Baptist School to be issued a diploma.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for more details and information.