Dual Enrollment

What is Fast Forward?

Fast Forward Dual Enrollment is the opportunity to complete a college course at Maranatha Baptist University during high school while saving time and money!  Fast Forward your goals, start  your ministry sooner, lighten your residential academic load, allow time for athletics, arts, or work.

Why Maranatha Baptist University?

Maranatha's regional accreditation gives their credits the "gold standard" of transferability.

How it works at Trinity:

All full-time junior and senior students will be taking dual enrollment courses.  Although the TBS credits earned will be elective, these courses will be required.  The first semester course will be Human Biology, and tentatively the second semester course will be Sociology.  These classes will be “live” classes rather than an online course that students take independently. 


The students will receive both high school and college credit for these required classes.  By the end of the year, each junior and senior will have 6 college credits.  Those students that took the English classes last year will have a total of 12 college credits.


The cost for these classes is $600 for each semester; however, the school is underwriting 1/3 of the cost of this class requiring that each student pay $400 each semester.  This cost will be billed through school.  You will not need to pay Maranatha Baptist University directly.  


Each student must register with Maranatha before the first day of class.  The sooner this is done, the better.  The following steps need to be taken to register your student for the classes:

​ Students that have already taken a course form Maranatha are already registered.  Students that have not yet taken a Maranatha course will need to fill out the Online Guest Student Application.  Once the Guest Student Application is completed, MBU will send you an e-mail with student instructions and directions for enrolling in the Human Biology class. 

This e-mail will also contain logon information that the students will need once class has begun

All students will need to order textbooks by going to https://mbbc.textbookx.com/institutional/?action=browse#books/1551507/


It is imperative that all students take care of registration as soon as possible.  I want to make sure all of our students are officially in the class and students may not begin the class until this enrollment process is complete. I would appreciate your timely attention to this matter as it will make everything go smoother by having all students signed up earlier than later.  Please let us know if you have any questions.